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Rubber Dust Covers

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Product Name: Rubber Dust Covers
Product Type: other brand
Exhibitors: SEEFAR
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A dust cover is a covering to protect a piece of equipment. Dust covers are usually made of plastic. Rubber is also used to make dust covers

Rubber Dust Covers  A detailed description of
Types of Rubber used in dust covers Uses of Dust Covers
Dust covers are used for variety of purposes:
  • They act as garment cover. They can be kept inside storage cabinet as protective garnet covers.
  • They are used as computer covers. Dust Covers provide the protection that is required for your valuable computer and irreplaceable equipment.
  • Widely used as keyboard covers, CPU covers.
  • The bigger size dust cover can be used as vehicle cover. The dust cover for cars and vehicles will keep your car free from the natural damage caused by rain, bird droppings, dampness and direct ultraviolet light.
  • Dust covers can be used in open steel shelving.
  • There are rubber dust covers for fill nipples on high presser tank.
  • There are custom made rubber dust covers used in a variety of applications, for all types of rigorous environments and specialty protection and sealing applications.

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