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Rubber Stripes and Profiles

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Product Name: Rubber Stripes and Profiles
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The rubber stripes and profile are considered to be the most popular product in rubber extruding production line. Rubber stripes and profiles are used in many fabricators of rubber products across the

Rubber Stripes and Profiles  A detailed description of
Types of rubber used in making profiles and stripes Types of rubber profiles
  • Solid rubber profiles
  • Sponge rubber profiles
  • Co-extruded profiles
  • Flocked profiles
  • Profiles with metal inserts
Compared with the traditional wooden, steel and aluminum profiles, rubber profiles have the following strong points:
  • Good endurance
  • Fine air proof. This means that it can save 10% of energy.
  • It can effectively reduce the noise outside compared to the traditional ones.
  • Rubber profiles are easy to process, and can save time and labor.
  • There rubber profiles are beautiful and endurable and are ideal product for replacing the traditional profiles.
  • Some profiles are push-and-pull type.
  • High elasticity material.
  • It is convenient to store and easy to install.
  • This product is good looking.
  • Available in various colors.
  • High precision & low tolerance.
  • Good shape finishing
Uses of rubber stripes and profiles
Extruded rubber profiles can be cut and coil or spooled according to specified lengths. There are high-speed cut-to-length and coiling machinery to do this. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) can be applied to extruded rubber profiles. Extruded rubber profiles can be to used to produce custom rubber gaskets and o-rings according to specifications. Profiles are used serve as sealing components with anti friction qualities for the smooth operation of windows and doors. These rubber profiles are extensively used in a vast range of diverse applications including automotive air-conditioning. There are rubber profiles that serve as sealing components used between the glass and aluminium sections that from the core of the modern building indust ry.
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