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Rubber Tubing

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Product Name: Rubber Tubing
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The basic purpose of rubber tubing is to contain as well to transport various fluids and gases. These tubing is used in flow lines for gases and fluids in a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, medical, a

Rubber Tubing  A detailed description of
Types of rubber used in Tubing
  • Natural rubber tubing
    These tubing is classified into two categories:
    • Gum Tubing: This is abrasion resistant and cost-effective. It acts as an excellent vacuum tubing since it has tear resistance and memory. This type of rubber tubing is temperature resistant and maintains a high coefficient of friction in various applications.
    • Latex Tubing: Latex is transformed into sheet stock or dry stock. It is vulcanized and the compound is extruded or molded in order to get a finished product. This type of tubing has excellent flexible characteristics at low temperatures.
  • Synthetic rubber tubing
    This is further classified into two categories:
    • Silicone Tubing: This is suitable for high temperature processes. This rubber has the the property of heat ozone, chemicals and ageing and widely used in industries like pharmaceuticals and health care.
    • Nylon Tubing: It has a high elastic memory and can withstand long periods of time without fracture. It also has high-impact resistance.
  • Hardness: This is the characteristic of the rubber to resist against permanent deformation.
  • Specific Gravity: This is the ratio of the density of rubber to the density of water at a given temperature.
  • Tensile Strength: This the maximum stress that the rubber can withstand without breaking.
  • Elongation: It is the increase in the length of the rubber which is caused by longitudinal tension and this is expressed in terms of percentage.
  • Brittle Temperature: This is the lowest temperature at which the rubber becomes brittle.
  • Operating Temperature: It is the range of temperature in which the rubber tubing can be used safely and effectively.
  • Diameter: This is the measured distance between the two ends through the center and expressed in inches or centimeters.
Buying Tips
Rubber tubing has several performance specifications and important dimensions.
Performance specifications include
  • Rated pressure: The short-term burst pressure at 75° F.
  • Maximum vacuum: It is referenced below one standard atmosphere.
  • Minimum bend radius: It is based on an acceptable cross-section deformation.
  • Temperature range: The full-required range of ambient operating temperature.
  • Outside diameter (OD)
  • Inside diameter (ID), and
  • Wall thickness
Types of Rubber Tubing
  • Conductive or semi-conductive tubing: This prevents the buildup of static electricity.
  • Spark resistant tubing: This tubing bears electrical discharge.
  • Explosion proof tubing: This type of rubber tubing can prevent explosions caused by gas, vapor, or dust.
  • Sterilized tubing: This is treated with dry heat, gamma irradiation, or chemical disinfectants.
  • Reinforced tubing: This tubing includes fibers or banding, multi-layered tubes containing concentric layers, and multi-element tubes built in a flat or ribbon configuration.
  • Coiled or spiraled tubing: This type of tubing is also available.
  • Corrugated rubber tubes: These rubber tubings provide increased flexibility and capacity for compression and elongation.
  • It is explosion proof.
  • It can withstand electrical discharge.
  • It is flexible.
  • It is available in multi-color.
  • It has high tensile strength.
  • Drain tubing
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Laboratories for handling gas or fluids at low pressure
  • Full vacuum service on air pumps, machinery, and aspirators
  • Various temperature ranges as well as resistance applications
  • Aerospace industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Cryogenic
  • Food processing etc.

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