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Rubber Ball

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Product Name: Rubber Ball
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Rubber balls are spherical shaped balls having myriad applications. They are used as check or ball valves, bearings, and in other applications. Rubber as an elastomeric material is an organic, synthet

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Performance specifications for rubber balls are:
  • Size or diameter: The width or outer diameter (OD) of the ball.
  • Use temperature: The temperature range to which the rubber material can be exposed without degradation of structure or other required end-use properties.
Types of rubber used in rubber balls Types of rubber balls
  • Molded Rubber Balls
  • Precision ground balls
  • Commercial grade rubber balls
  • Sponge rubber balls
  • Rubber cleaning balls
Uses of rubber balls
  • Balls for screen cleaning and screen de-blinding
  • Balls for air restriction
  • Balls for check valves
  • Balls for FDA uses
  • Balls for play
  • Light load-bearing applications
  • Flow control and flowmeter applications in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing industries
  • Cabinetry (eliminating chatter or vibration)
  • Mounting applications
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Soft
  • Limited in heat resistance than metals, ceramics, glasses, or carbides
  • Have good electrical insulation properties
  • Good self-lubricating properties
  • High degree of flexibility and elasticity
  • High reversible elongation

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