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Rubber Bellows

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Product Name: Rubber Bellows
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Rubber bellows are used to sealing environments, carrying liquids, slurry and gases, mechanical coupling, and performing electrical contact amongst other things. These bellows are durable and flexible

Rubber Bellows  A detailed description of
Types of rubber used in Bellows
These are rubber molded products manufactured from different types of polymers:
Buying Tips
Following specifications are to be considered while selecting bellows:
  • Inside diameter: This is the minimum inner diameter of the bellows.
  • Outside diameter: This is the minimum outer diameter of the bellows.
  • Free length: This is the unloaded length of the bellows along the convolutions.
  • Spring rate: This is the spring force that the bellows applies.
  • Shapes: The common shape or profile of rubber bellows includes round and square or rectangular.
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Motion coupling
  • Fluid coupling
  • Electrical contacts
  • HVAC
  • High purity
  • Marine
  • Petrochemical
  • Semiconductor
Features of Rubber Bellows
  • Cryogenic rated bellow: They are used in cryogenic systems to handle very low temperature gases.
  • Flange: This is a fitting, used to attach the bellows to equipment or piping.
  • Hermetic sealing: Hermetic sealing on these bellows is used in high and low pressure applications. It is used in liquid or gaseous media.
  • Medically rated: It is used to insure a high degree of sanitation.
  • Necks: These are tube-like lengths running from the end of the bellows and
  • Vacuum rated: This includes any vacuum application to very high vacuum.
Uses of Rubber Bellows
  • These Bellows are normally used as covers on parts which needs protection from dust.
  • These Bellows are of flexible types and have a good cushioning properties.
  • They are of different shapes and types depending upon the fitment application.

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