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Rubber Track

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Product Name: Rubber Track
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Rubber track is a type of circular rubber belt which is composed of rubber and metal or fiber materials. It is a kind of rubber transmission belt which is mostly applied on moving system, the agricult

Rubber Track  A detailed description of
Uses of rubber tracks
  • Type of rubber transmission belt excellent at low ground connection force, superior traction force.
  • These track ameliorates the driving effect and expands usage in range of the agricultural machines and construction machines etc.
  • Used in the mechanization of the basic construction.
  • Driving and transport of farmland, desert, marsh field and other soft soil ground.
  • The track is a reinforced rubber belt with chevron treads for improved traction and reduced soil compaction.
  • Having a rubber belt also means that the vehicle can relocate itself on public roads without damaging the road surface.
  • These tracks on compact track loaders and excavators offer many benefits which in-fact compact track loaders and excavators with tires and/or steel tracks cannot offer.
  • These tracks optimizes the traction system performance.
  • The tracks also show power delivery efficiency.
  • In straight pulling, the rubber tracks can develop substantially more force than rubber tires for the same weight of the tractor.
  • With tracks, there are no pressures or weights to change and the tracks usually perform at their optimum.
Types of rubber track
  • Snowmobile tracks
  • Skidsteer tracks
  • Snowgroomer tracks
  • Earth-mover tracks
  • Skid Loader Rubber Tracks
  • Dump Carrier Rubber Tracks
  • Excavator Rubber Tracks
How to take care of tracks?
  • Maintain the correct tension on your track.
  • Check the undercarriage components like drive wheel, rollers, idlers for wear regularly.
  • Try to limit the use of your vehicle on sharp rocky surfaces.
  • Try to avoid too many fast and sharp turns.
  • Try to prevent foreign objects from becoming entangled in the undercarriage.
  • You should not drive with your rubber track sidewall edges pressing against hard walls and other objects.
  • Clean your tracks regularly to prevent accumulation of oil or similar products.
  • Usage of these track in applications such as rocky terrain, gravel, concrete demolition, metal debris, etc. may cause premature wear and failure of the tracks. When using rubber track-equipped compact loaders and excavators, the more careful an operator is, the better the track wear performance will be.

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