PTFE rod

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Product Name: PTFE rod
Product Type: special brand
Exhibitors: SEEFAR
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There are two types of PTFE rod. The rod with diameter of 4-9mm is made by paste extrusion

PTFE rod  A detailed description of

Characteristic of the products

There are two types of PTFE rod. The rod with diameter of 49mm is made by paste extrusion of dispersion polymerized PTFE resin; There are two kinds of PTFE rods to offer.One is made by ram extruding method is the diameter form 10~50mm;rods over the diameter 50mm are manufactured by moulding.


PTFE has a wide range of practicable temperature from -180+260 and a wax-like surface to which anything hardly sticks.PTFE has the lowest coefficieng of friction of all known solid materials.It has the best electrical properties of all plastics.


Use of the products

The electrical insulation used under various kinds of frequency, the seal liner of various kinds of corrosivity medium, Antisticking materials, lubriation

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