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the properties is in the following

ptfe  A detailed description of
Properties of Polytetrafluoroethyene(PTFE)

In the fluoroplastics, the polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) is consumed biggest, the use is the widest, It is an important variety in the fluoroplastics. Chemical constitution of polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) hydrogen atoms replace by the Fluorine and atom polyethylene. Its molecular formula is

    PTFE In the molecule F Atom C-C Key hide stand up and C-F The key key can be high and very steady, it is not corroded by any chemical medicines except alkali metal and element and Fluorine.
    PTFE In the molecule F The atom is symmetrical, C-F Two kinds of element covalency of China combine together, there is no electron dissociated in the molecule, the whole member is neutral. Make PTFE Whether it have lie between finely performance not electric,because of PTFE There is not one gram of keys in molecular structure, so its degree of crystallinity is very high. Because PTFE Have to include Fluorine outer cover one inertia outside the molecule , make it have a outstanding one the viscidity can be with the low coefficient of friction.

Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) Have excellent high low-temperature performance and chemical stability, fine electricity getting insulating, person who seize non-, able to bear the waiting very, Burn and good lubrication. PTFE Need developping for national defence and sophisticated technology, and then it is civil to popularize to gradually. Its use involves industrial departments, such as Aero-Space, petrochemical industry, machinery, electron, architecture, light textile,etc., Solve modern scientific and technical war industry and civil a lot of key technology and improve production engineering level indispensable material. The characteristic of the polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) is that other plastics are incomparable , have " Plastics king " Laudatory title.

Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) Have some special performance :

The remarkable one is able to bear corrosivity - Can bear except the alkali metal of melting, Fluorine medium and higher than 300 All strong acid outside NaOH ( include Zh Zh), strong oxidant, reducing agent and function of different organic solvents.
The extremely strong one is able to bear insulatingly - Free of the environment and frequency, the volume resistance can be reached 10 18 Ohm Centimetre, The medium losses small, it is high to wear the voltage
The excellent one is able to bear the high low temperature - The impact on temperature does not change much, the warm land range is wide, can use temperature -190260 .
Unique by oneself lubricating - Have minimum coefficient of friction in plastics, it is to have no lubriation material of oil ideally.
Outstanding surface no viscidity - The known solid material can't be glued and attach to surface, it is the solid material that a kind of surface can be minimum .
The excellent one is able to bear the wearing out of atmosphere, is able to bear irradiation performance and lower permeability - Exposing in the atmosphere for a long time, the surface and performance keep intact.
Valuable firing - It is here to restrict oxygen index 90 Following

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