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silicone conductive rubber

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Product Name: silicone conductive rubber
Product Type: other brand
Exhibitors: SEEFAR
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


it has a good electromagnetic sealed and water vapor seal capacity, at a certain pressure to provide good electri

silicone conductive rubber  A detailed description of
1.Al silver plated conductive rubber: excellent performance and shielding anti-smog performance;

2.Copper silver plated conductive rubber: with the best conductivity;

3.Rubber silver plated conductive glass: the best price;

4.Silver conductive rubber: good anti-fungal.





Conductive Rubber subject to a compression force can be a good electrical conductivity, structural design must ensure that the appropriate pressure but also pressure. Plates of the best high degree of compression in 7 to 15 percent;

 Solid round, D-shaped high degree of compression of the best in 12 to 30 percent; tubular, P-high compression of the best in 20 to 60 percent

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