Joint Box

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Product Name: Joint Box
Product Type: IType Joint Box
Exhibitors: SEEFAR
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Joint Box: It is specially designed for protecting I type busbar joint, with convenient operation and solid connection. Have three kinds of voltage grades: 1KV, 10KV. 35KV.

Joint Box  A detailed description of
Main Material: polyolefin, stainless steel

Mostly used to provide sealing sealing and protection for bifurcated cable, especially for the branch cable lapping on the main cable.



Joint Box
Material: Polyolefin
Voltage class: 1kV, 10kV, 35kV

Available Color: red, yellow, green, black


Specification: for Joint Box


Main Busbar Width(mm)*
Num. of Layers

Sub-busbar Width(mm)*
Num. of Layers

Bolt Height(mm)

  I type   (30-125)*(1-4)   (30-125)*(1-4)   35-120
  T type   (30-125)*(1-4)   (30-125)*(1-4)   35-120
  L type   (30-125)*(1-4)   (30-125)*(1-4)   35-120


Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
Material: Silicone Rubber

Y-type Heat Shrink Tubing

Mainly applied to provide protection for various electrical connecting.





 Oil-resistant Tubing

Anti-tracking rain shed



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