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Product Name: weatherstrip
Product Type: otherbrand
Exhibitors: SEEFAR
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


1.high temperature material 2.can be made from PTFE, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber

weatherstrip  A detailed description of
1.PTFE (engineering plastics )--at the temperature of (- 195 ~ 250)it can be used for long-term . they are pieces for corrosion resistance, for reducing friction and wear, and also can be used as seals, and other pieces of insulation.

2.Silicone rubber - the use of maximum temperature (100 ~ 300) . For high and low temperature-resistant parts, pieces of insulation, pipe joints, and so on.

3.Fluorine Rubber - the use of temperature is limited to 300 , for chemical lining, the high-ranking seals, plastic pieces, such as high vacuum.

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