silicone compound2

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Product Name: silicone compound2
Product Type: other brand
Exhibitors: SEEFAR
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1.the color is according to ur need 2.compound rubber(fumed silica) 3.Mainly used for moulding, extrusion use.

silicone compound2  A detailed description of
the rubber is a comprehensive compound of outstanding synthetic rubber, which has excellent thermal stability, high and low temperature-resistant and able to be used for a long term at the temperature of -60 ~ +250, anti-ozone,  weatherability and good electrical properties, excellent anti-Corona, arc, electric spark, it also with excellent chemical stability, anti- aging resistance, radiation tolerance, a physiological inert, breathable and can be widely used in aviation, cable, electronics, electrical appliances, chemicals, instruments, cement, auto , Construction, food processing, medical equipment industries, for moulding, extrusion, such as the use of deep-processing machinery.
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