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Anti-pollution Silicone Sealing Strips

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Product Name: Anti-pollution Silicone Sealing Strips
Product Type: VMQ
Exhibitors: SEEFAR
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Anti-pollution Silicone Sealing Strips Salient Features: Excellent heat resistance from -80°C to 250°C. Nice surface finish. Available in different color and sizes.

Anti-pollution Silicone Sealing Strips  A detailed description of

     Anti-pollution Silicone Sealing Strips  


We can customize any kinds of silicone rubber strips of any application.

If you kind not find what you need, just feel free to contact with me.                     



Product Description:

Seefar Rubber Plastic manufactures a wide range of Silicone Rubber Extruded Strips in variety shapes and designs. 


Our silicone rubber strip can be made for food, pharma grade, which can easily withstands temperature ranges of 80° C to 250° C or above. 


We are well equipped to manufacture Extruded strip to accurate dimensions, smooth surface finishes and beautiful color.



Salient Features:

  • Excellent heat resistance from -80°C to 250°C.
  • Nice surface finish.
  • Available in different color and sizes.




Furnaces and ovens sealing, 

Air tight sealing applications

weather strips, 

medical lab equipment, 

clean room gaskets, 

door seals, 

door gaskets, 

high temp sealing, 

valve sealing. 


Different shapes of our stripes:





Our Materials:




Our equipment:




Producing Process:





Why us:


Trade directly with factory.


The materials we mainly adopt are (3M, DuPont, America), (Daikin, Japan), Lanxess and other branded materials.


More than 20 years’ experience, we can design wide range of products and guarantee high quality and favor price.


We accept all terms of trade and payment.

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